We have been battling the flu around here for the last 4 days. I have been in the house  with the girls for the last 6 days (5 of those were my days off). As I sit here in peace and quiet or “peas and corn” as my 3 year old Presley said it tonight, I am so thankful for my girls. Yes they have done their share of driving me completely without at doubt crazy these last few days, but I still LOVE them.

Now that we all have our Tamiflu in our systems I’m hoping for a better tomorrow.

It’s moments like these below that I realize how blessed I am and thankful I am for the joys that have been put into my life. I’m thankful that my girls are able to walk, run, climb, ride, draw, talk, laugh, smile, giggle, eat, play, giggle again, cry, love, live and even be stinkers.

It’s moments like these below that I  have to remind myself to slow down and remember they’re a child and they were given to me to give them the best love and care that I am capable of.

It’s moments like these below that make me smile because I was there to capture all of these moments.

I was there to watch them draw, jump, smile, giggle, ride, run, sleep, kiss boo-boo’s, and all the wonderful things they do.

It’s moments like these that I will cherish and always remind myself to look back upon when I’m having a  UGH moment because we have been stuck in our house sick for 6 days.

It’s moments like these that shows me just how BEAUTIFUL you both are and how much I LOVE YOU both.

Presley & Reagan

Thank you so much for all the joy you have brought to my life.




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